2007-12-12 08:52:53 by alienredwolf

Hello Earth.

My name is Daniel Fowler. I have created a genre of music which hopefully will soon take on. I call it 'Oralpop' because 99% of the sounds you hear come from my mouth, vocal chords and lungs. Some of you may be familiar with the term 'Beatboxing'.

Each sample is recorded and placed in some sort of order that resembles a drumbeat or riff. All samples are multi-tracked in this fashion and some are pitch-shifted to make what resemble chords. Most samples used, however, are just straight from the mic into your ears.

Have a listen. I am trying to promote my first demo/EP. There's gotta be some record label out there for me... Tell everyone you know. Hell, tell people you don't know.

Much love.

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Hey gang. Check out my cool new userpage!

Actually, fuck that.
I'd much rather you checked out my own genre of music I like to call 'oralpop'. It's a blend of beatboxing and psychedelic IDM-themed brain music. Click here to go to my music page -

You'd better like it.

I finally set up my darn userpage.